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Samantha Boney

Owner/Head Trainer

Samantha is the founder and head trainer at Blackhawk K-9 LLC. She started dog training when she felt helpless with her own dog, Kaiser. Kaiser started exhibiting aggression and in her search for help, she found her love dog training! From there she started Blackhawk K-9 so that she can continue to help other owners!

Bailey Gonzales

Head Administrator

Bailey began her journey into the dog world by purchasing her first German Shepherd, Kaiser. She began to train him to be a service dog along with other various types of training that was heavily influenced by IPO. While learning about dog training, Bailey was developing her professional career in nonprofit management. Bailey has been dedicating her life to serving the community either through dog rescues or therapeutic horseback riding opportunities.

Eliza Jamison


Coming Soon!

Isaiha Rodriquez


Isaiha is one of our new Blackhawk K-9 trainers! He has shown an incredibly strong desire to want to learn and grow each and every day, He is constantly working to better himself and make sure that he provides only the highest quality training for each of the dogs in our care!


Assistant Doggo/Corporate Crazy

Besra is a 3 year old Belgian Malinois x Dutch Shepherd. In her free time, she enjoys perfecting her focused heel, eating random food off the ground, biting decoys, helping in Sam's private lessons, and giving the best hugs! She is incredibly motivated to learn and loves to work and is presently imprinted on narcotics work! Besra currently holds 11 titles and is preparing for her debut in the PSA world with her PDC!


Assistant Doggo/Most Handsome Man

Kaiser is a 5 year old German Shepherd that was the catalyst for Blackhawk K-9. He is known for being the most handsome man and being dopey in his free time. Kaiser is a Personal Protection Dog who mostly works in home protection, but he absolutely loves his job! You can find him doing demonstrations and helping me in my private lessons or with board and trains.


Assistant Doggo/Corporate Spaz

Kohra is a 5 year old German Shepherd who entered the Blackhawk K-9 family when she was 1.5 years old. She is known for her intense gaze that she saves for her mom, Sam. She can be found sunbathing on the back deck while she waits for Sam to get home!