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raise and train

Program Pricing: Depends On Duration

Our Board and Train program (RNT) is an intensive dog-training program that focuses on the fundamentals of sit, down, and place all with implied stay commands along with a recall (come command) and loose leash walking. For our behavior modification, we focus on changing the emotional state of the dog as well as building confidence in order to at least manage the aggression.  All RNTs live in the home with the trainer while we work towards our goals!  

We offer RNTs that range from 2 month programs to 6 month programs depending on the type of training or behavior modification that is requested.  Each RNT is specific to the individual dog and what you are looking for from your dog!  We are relationship-based dog trainers meaning that we take time to build relationships and trust with your dog before we start pushing their boundaries and work towards your training goals! 

All RNTs will be evaluated prior to booking to determine what length best meets your dog's needs and your goals! Inquire for payment plans. 

Program Pricing: 

  • 2 Months - $6,999
  • 3 Months - $10,199
  • 4 Months - $13,399
  • 5 Months - $16,830
  • 6 Months - $20,130