Service Dogs

Here at Blackhawk K-9, we pride ourselves in our experience with training Service Dogs for clients with Disabilities.

Service Dogs are task trained to perform a task to help alleviate symptoms of their handler’s disability. They are required to meet public access standards in accordance with ADA Law. Please refer to the official government Americans With Disabilities website for more information about the laws that pertain to Service Dogs and their handlers.

If you select our team to train your service dog, we will begin with a 3 month Raise & Train. From there we will give you our recommendation on whether or not you and your dog will need additional months of Raise & Train or if you can continue with private lessons and/or group training.

Depending on your dog’s current training level and temperament, we may be able to reach your goals with some of our other less intensive services.

Please fill out our application for services so we can give you a call and get your evaluation scheduled.

Training Topics

Basic Obedience
Dog Reactivity
Human Reactivity
3 Ds
Leash Walking
Body Language