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8 Week Behavior Modification Board and Train

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Board and Trains - Behavior Modification

Our Board and Train program (BNT) is an intensive dog-training program that focuses on the fundamentals of sit, down, and place all with implied stay commands along with a recall (come command) and loose leash walking. All BNTs live in the home with the trainer while we work towards our goals!  The behavior modification is to focus on aggression, severe anxiety, and severe reactivity.

We offer BNTs that range from 6 Week programs all the way to an 8 Week program depending on the type of training or minor behavior modification that is required. Each BNT is specific to the individual dog and what you are looking for from your dog! We are relationship-based dog trainers meaning that we take time to build relationships and trust with your dog before we start pushing their boundaries and work towards your training goals!  

All BNTs will be evaluated prior to booking to determine what length best meets your dog's needs and your goals! We offer 6 week to 8 week programs with the possibility of extensions as needed!

We understand that this is an investment and because we wholeheartedly believe in Our Mission, we do offer payment plans through affirm that makes training affordable for everyone!

What will my dog learn?
  • Confidence building to overcome anxiety and reactivity
  • Crate training
  • Sit-stay (implied stay) with distance, distractions, and duration
  • Down-stay (implied stay) with distance, distractions, and duration
  • Place-stay (implied stay and down) with distance, distractions, and duration
  • Recall with distance, distractions, and duration
  • Heeling with distance, distractions, and duration
  • No leash pulling
  • Basic house manners including threshold manners,
    counter-surfing, chewing, barking, jumping, and begging for food
  • Dog neutrality
  • Human neutrality
  • Public outings to proof behaviors outlined above in real-world scenarios
  • E-collar conditioning at owner request, the price of the e-collar is not included and must be purchased separately.
  • Includes prong collar conditioning at owner request, the price of the e-collar is not included and must be purchased separately.
  • Major behavior modification issues including but not limited to human and dog aggression

What does this program include?
  • 1 Hours of 1-on-1 Private Lessons ($200 Value) Per Additional Week
  • Transportation - We provide transportation to and from Board and Train within a 20 mile range.
  • Take Home PDF with 29 pages of invaluable training information, terminology, frequently
    asked questions, and diagrams to help make the home integration seamless.
  • Discounts - After graduation you will be eligible for all future services to be discounted.
  • Military Discounts - $200 discount on Board and Trains, this does not stack with other discounts or promotions.
  • Lifetime support and FREE group classs
What additional add-ons are available?
  • E-collar conditioning
  • Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) Conditioning
  • Prong Collar Conditioning
  • Handling (touching paws, tails, cutting nails, baths etc.)
  • Weekly grooming
  • Luxury Kennel Upgrade
  • Essential Oil Diffuser Spray
  • White Noise Machine
  • Upgraded Treats (freeze-dried)
  • Treadmill Exercise
  • Frozen Kongs
  • Lick Mats
  • Cot
  • Leather Leash (4' or 6') COMING SOON!
  • BK9 Merchandise COMING SOON!