Club Rules and Information

Where: Willowmere Park, 21 Willowmere Pond Rd, Stafford, VA 22556

When: Sundays at 10 AM


We are incredibly excited to be able to offer club, but in order for it to run effectively and respect everyone's time there will be rules that must be followed.


  1. All dogs must be in a crate in the car when they are not actively working.
  2. There are NO off leash dogs unless approval has been given by BK9 Staff in order to respect the public park rules.
  3. You MUST send your goals for that week's club by the Wednesday before club otherwise you will not be permitted to attend. All goals are to be emailed to Sam at the email address above. This will allow her to review everyone's goals and ensure we have the proper equipment as well as have an order of dogs.
  4. Each dog will have 2 obedience sessions and 1 protection session (if desired and when ready).

Friendly Reminders

  • Do not forget to bring enough water for your dog
  • Some days it may be hot - be prepared to leave your car running, bring fans, park under the shade, or otherwise ensure that your dog is safe while crated in the car
  • Bring a variety of leash lengths if you have them - 3' and 4' leashes are significantly easier to do obedience work with than a 6'+ leash!
  • The park is a LOT more distracting than your home or regular training locations so make sure that you are bringing high value treats in order to compete with the level of distractions!