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Boarding at Bk9

Boarding at Blackhawk K-9 offers your dog a beautiful 7 acre property with over 600 linear feet of six foot fencing to keep your puppy safe.  They will be living at the home with our very own owner and head trainer. The property is equipped with safety measures to keep all of the dogs in our care safe. With around the clock care, the dogs are under constant supervision. 

All of the dogs on the property are handled by our professional trainers and will have the ability to find compatible dogs to play with if that is something that they enjoy! 

Program Pricing:

  • Non- Training Client Boarding: $75/day
  • Training Client Boarding: $60/day
  • Aggressive Dog Boarding: $125/day 
  • Boarding with Training included: $125/day - past BNT client option ONLY