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Are you interested in protection work or bite sports?

Program Pricing: Price varies based on goals

We offer a wide variety of dog sports to our clients. We have trainers that are highly skilled in teaching many of the sports available, and love to take on activities that are new to us if you so desire.

For Protection we offer Puppy Raise & Train and refer you out to continue building your dog with one of our highly skilled and recommended Specialized Protection Trainers, Decoys, and Clubs.

For all other sports and activites we offer as an add-on to Board & Train or we create a custom Raise & Train Program and take your dog to various locations in the area during their program. 

We highly recommend the Raise & Train program for all clients interested in excelling and/or competing in one or more sport(s). 

Please fill out our application for services so we can give you a call and get your evaluation scheduled.